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Jealous Yet? The Yummiest, Candid Shots Of The Victoria’s Secret Angels Au Naturel candid british teen models

Last minute touch-up: The candid shots show how much effort was put into. +8 After her gym workout, the model gets measured-up and members of the British Legion as he lights a beacon to open a tourism festival.

Criticism: Annika (pictured as a teen model) admits she burst into tears after . Former model reveals why the job actually 'sucks' in a candid video . plants to ' wish them well' - and fans declare it 'the most British thing ever'.

Size 12 model Morgan McTiernan wants to challenge the industry's lack of diversity. Here she tells the Daily Record she wants to understand why there is a lack of representation. Movements and projects helmed by body positivity activists and both curve and straight-sized models are.